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How Retailers Can Revamp Loyalty Programs To Engage Customers?

Loyalty programs, at many times and in many ways, fail to drive real customer engagement. But, that does not mean that loyalty could be overlooked. It simply means, you need to revamp your loyalty programme, so that it delivers the expected results.

Retail loyalty program does not need to be categorized into those run of the mill concepts that almost every marketer is using. To make your programme successful, here are a few innovative ideas through which, you can upgrade your loyalty and engage with your customers in a better way.

Premium Loyalty

Loyalty programmes do not always need to be free. Retailers often offer free loyalty programmes in regard to attract and retain customers. But, you can also make your customers pay for your premium programme and avail the best of the benefits. Many renowned brands are doing this and benefiting to a large extent in terms of loyalty.

Special Treatment 

Making your customers feel special is important, and you can do it by offering them exclusive rewards. A programme with a branding of VVIP can make your loyal fans feel important than the rest of the customers; and this will induce them to stick with you and be an active member of your programme.

Cash Rewards

No, it does not mean you will pay them money hand to hand as a reward, but you can encourage them to buy a product specifically from you by offering a certain amount of cash back. There are a few products that do not attract frequent purchases, like fridge, washing machine, etc. Hence, by providing this offer, you can make your customers refer your retail shop to people they know. Recommendations from an ally influence people greatly.


People of this era, simply love customization. You can ask for the basic information of your customers, while making them sign up for your programme, and can offer them customized rewards, depending on their preferences, age-group, etc. You can also offer your customers special discounts on their special dates, like birthday and anniversary.

To go beyond the basic is the new trend for a successful loyalty programme. To have a retail loyalty program software designed precisely for your retail needs, approach Incentiwised loyalty experts at link.


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