Customers Feedback

Pulse of the Customer

A feel-good customer wants to speak his/her mind, so let them speak. So does an exasperated customer.

Customer Feedback Loop

With our intuitive dashboard relating to purchases or spends, you can create a customer feedback loop. This valuable customer feedback can be integrated into your product to appeal to wide customer base and assure loyalty.

You can archive all the feedbacks and review them at your convenience with Incentiwised. Run focus campaigns and group surveys to ascertain results and identify trends that directly relates to your service or product.

NPS Survey

Our NPS surveys contain follow-up form with poignant questionsseeking customers to explain their personal ratings. We’ve discovered with years of surveying that exploring the underlyingemotions of the comments is a clever way to understand the real reasons behind their exasperation.

Customer’s feedback is a goldmine for companies.A lot of NPS survey respondents want to leave an open-ended feedback explaining rationale behind their comment. After working with several brands, we’ve seen that more than 75% of detractor comments contain more than 50 words. This means you lend an ear to unhappy customers, thereby neutralizing the polarized opinion.

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