Customer Loyalty Programs in Healthcare

HealthCare and Pharmaceuticals

With so many renowned health-care providers and many new entrants mushrooming every year, customers (patients) are switching loyalty at the drop of a hat at the slightest disengagement.

Naturally, the better a hospital engages with its patient, the more referral business it secures.A digitally tracked and deeply personalized level of engagement will assure patient loyalty. Give incentives to stay and disincentives to switch.

Incentiwised offers personalization at every level of communication. With prior understanding of their health condition, a bespoke greeting will build rapport and warmth, two pre-requisites for a patient loyalty in Healthcare.

Recent Trends in Loyalty and Rewards Programs in Healthcare

Healthcare loyalty programs are crucial as it is not easy to win customer’s trust in healthcare...


Similar philosophy can be applied to Pharmaceutical business where on the basis of prescribed dosage; customers can be reminded to refill their prescriptions at right time. This leads to confirmed sales and better customer service.

How customer loyalty program will help in Healthcare Industry?

Enhanced patient commitment: Quiet dedication programs increment patients' dimension of communication with the healing facility, helping them to feel more drew in and associated. Larger amounts of commitment enhance the patient experience in general.

Repeat business: Since steadfastness programs compensate patients for their continuous association with the establishment, patients are bound to return when they require extra administrations.

More referrals: When patients get extra advantages from your healing facility, they are bound to prescribe the foundation to their loved ones. This can expand your business and gainfulness significantly.

Great return for capital invested: When executed appropriately, tolerant dedication projects can give a decent degree of profitability for your foundation.


  • 63% of referring physicians are dissatisfied with the current referral process due to lack of timeliness of information and inadequate referral letter content.
  • 1 out of every three patients is sent to a specialist each year.
  • 43 percent of Millennial are likely to switch practices in the next few years
  • 81 percent of consumers are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience
  • Never exceeding or rarely meeting customer expectations
  • Not seeking immediate feedback
  • Extremely high Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Huge efflux of customers due to brand indifference
  • Create value versatility models for numerous pharma items sold to the individual records and recommend value sections that would enhance the volume of offers and in addition keep up net revenues.
  • Allow the customer to alter costs and limits for discount contracts in order to arrange dependent on constant data
  • Identified factors that fundamentally influence the arrangement win and in addition misfortunes to enhance deals pipeline speed by guaranteeing that the customers' business exercises were centered on esteem including assignments that amplified the likelihood of offer
  • Created an Arrangement test system to give ongoing experiences to the customer by guaranteeing that for every individual record and their business exercises (deals agent, number of eye to eye gatherings, tests gave, and calls made) were enhanced and the possibility of progress was amplified.

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