Brand Advocacy

Brand Advocacy

Unrivaled Engagement / Inspire Friendly competition / Pamper your favorites / Stoke Interaction

Inspire a legion of brand advocates who promote your business out sheer love, affection and fidelity.

Social Media Promotions

A loyalty reward software that gives customers a reward for doing something as simple as liking the page or inviting a friend to join the group will help in boosting the social media engagement. We have structured our module to help you surge social media interactions such as sharing posts, using certain hashtags, taking in-store picture or simply checking in will give your brand the extra mileage.


A goldmine of brand new customers lied hidden in immediate and distant network of existing customers who may introduce friends, family and acquaintances. Handing out couponsto a loyalty member to share with a friend is one such method. The likelihood of redemption of that coupon by the referred friend is higher because it is suggested by a friend, who is more credible than large impersonal entities like an organization.

Our loyalty software suite bridges the gap between customer acquisition and retention initiatives. With a prime focus on revenue growth, it also brings about measures to quantify retention. Building experiences with tailor made offering as and when customer demands it will radically inspire a lot of fidelity to the brand.

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