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The recent volatility and ripple effect of economy turbulence has made movers and shakers of the automotive industry to focus more on areas having bottom-line impact on sales and revenue. Automotive Loyalty Programs are one such area where auto dealers can reel customers through engaging information exchange. It can be leveraged to roll out offers for existing car owners, accessories or reminder for change.

5 Amazing Ways to Build Long Term Customer Loyalty

Do you spend time with your customers beyond their initial purchasing transaction? Well, most successful companies...


Incentiwised Loyalty software helps in boosting customer engagement with your car dealership or company through highly-rewarding loyalty programs. It keeps the communication alive and electric throughout customer lifespan. With our loyalty module, customers can stack points, scores or virtual coins which can be used to redeem at the store. Points are accumulated on the basis of spend, referrals, periodic servicing at your business and much more.


  • 92% say they “definitely will” return to the same service facility for future warranty service (work they do not have to pay for)
  • 83% say they “definitely will” return for future paid service (work they do have to pay for)
  • 78% of customers who are highly satisfied with their service experience say they “definitely will” purchase or lease their next new vehicle from the servicing dealership
  • Providing flexible loyalty methodology, customized and based on each OEM’s need
  • Utilizing comprehensive, industry wide data that allows precise definitions of loyalty.
  • Combining OEM-sourced data with industry data to drive customer-level, actionable findings
  • Gain efficiency by prioritizing resources in areas with the most potential for results.
  • Make Auto loyalty analysis – Get the new gen loyalty reporting to increase lifetime value of the customer
  • Employing a dynamic, behaviorally targeted marketing automation solution utilizing advanced technology
  • Deploying a strong cadence of individualized communications through online and offline channels

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